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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Most Important Things to Know Before You Build Your Own Garden Shed

The Most Important Things to Know Before You Build Your Own Garden Shed

At some point in our lives we will need more space. We can fill the garage up the loft and every little bit of space around the house, but it come to a point where we still need more room. The kids are getting older and we are buying them more and more things that require more and more room. So it come to that time when you think we need to build a garden shed.

For most people the main function for building a garden shed is to keep the garden nice neat and tidy. Simple but we all start to put things in there that we can store in the house like our kids bikes, toy that they no longer need any thing that you don't want to clutter up the house with. The shed is a good place to put it. It protect the objects from the weather and gets them out from under our feet.

Now before you begin to build you will need to decide a few key things. The first and maybe most important is the size of the shed you want. How much storage space do you need right now? How much are you going to need in the future? This is a good point to think about because you will need room to expand you family storage space in the future as the bigger they get the more they want. Also if you are store you kids thing in the shed you will need to place the shed in an area where there is easy access so that they can get to it without any hassle.

With the size of your shed decided you will have to think about the look of your shed and where you are going to place it in the garden. If you have a large garden then you wont have a problem with where you are going to put it but you may want to consider the colour so that it doesn't stand out from anything else. Another good thing to check is you local building regulations to make sure that they will allow you to build the size and type of shed you want.

A good thing to check before you buy anything is your budget. So that you know that you can afford everything. Go through everything that you need to buy and don't miss anything out. You need to consider the base, and any other foundation materials. Also if you have chosen to construct a wooden shed you need to think about painting it or putting protective coating.

Now there are three distinctive material for you to choose from, these are wood, metal or plastic. The different materials have different advantages and disadvantages when you will need to consider before you order anything. A wooden shed blends into your garden space, is the cheapest and easiest to build but require the most maintenance in the long run.

One last thing you might consider is the items you want to store in your shed. If they are valuable you might want to go out and get a lock so that you can secure it against any unwanted intruders.

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