They laughed when I told them I was going to build my own shed but when they saw it...

You can build your own shed successfully,
even if the only thing you have hit with a hammer is your thumb.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY Shed Plans - What you need to know - Part 3

Just like the site preparation work it is important to do your homework first. Read the blueprints many times, make notes if you need to and be absolutely sure that you understand all parts of the construction and the order in which it has to be done. Treat it like a big jigsaw, lego construction set or similar.

Often a prefab shed can be built by only two people and sometimes three. If you are building from scratch and a stack of materials you can do it by yourself if you are experienced but you are always better off to have an assistant unless you are constructing a pretty basic storage building or shelter like a lean to, small potting shed or wood shed.

In general the procedure for using a shed kit the build your shed or barn would be to construct the framework, stand it up with the help of your assistant and bolt it to the footings. This is done one section at a time. When you have the second frame in place you put the horizontal joining rails in place as it keeps them rigid. Keep moving until you have the full framework up and the horizontal rails fixed. Your diy shed plans will also give you the step by step process to construct your new shed, make sure you follow them rather than my sequence here as they know their product better than I do and the best way to put their kits together.

Once you have the frame work constructed and the horizontal rails in place you will need to put the roof supports in place. These may be metal or wooden. Next you will put the door and window frame(s) in position. These are often boxed structures and just bolt,screw or nail in place. Your plans may call for corrugated iron roofing or wall cladding or it may be one of the many different patterns you can get in metal sheeting. Perhaps you have a more traditional type barn and you need to nail the wooden planks on the wall frame individually. You might even have a wooden tiled roof.

Often a fully wooden structure will be made from cedar or treated timber to resist termite attack. If you need to cut material to size you need to make sure you have the right piece before you cut and make sure you measure twice before the cut, it isn't possible to un-cut material and mistakes can be expensive.

If you have followed the shed building plans, the step by step instructions or the blueprints correctly you should have a solid, dependable and water proof shed, barn or cottage in the style you wanted, looking just the way you planned it.

Congratulations, you have successfully constructed your own shed in your garden. Take some photographs and show them off at work. You can proudly call it your do-it-yourself garden shed.


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